My rejected tracks. And waiting for the check.


My last work. It is suitable for audiojungle?


Hi, the track as a drum and bass song is cool. As for commercial value, a shorter intro would be better in my opinion. And there’s just too much going on with all the synths, leaving no room for anything else (a voice over for example, or any narration or speech when using as a radio bed). The track is so dense that it claims full focus of the listener instead of creating a background.
There’s nothing wrong with sound quality here, I think there’s simply too much going on in the song and it needs a bit shorter intro. Although, 80s sounding synths might be a problem on AJ, as we’ve seen previously.


In the rejection letters, it is recommended to go and listen taken tracks. I hear very different versions. not even overtly commercial. in this case I have the impression of discrimination. the problem is that I don’t see much difference between my tracks and other sellers. but the letters tell me about the quality. I don’t try to shape the market for themselves. I do not understand what I wrong. Thanks for the advice have taken note.


The message you get when a track is hard rejected is a template text. It’s about sound quality, mixing and mastering standards, we’ve all seen it I think. You even get the very same message if the quality, mixing and mastering is top notch and your track is hard rejected for a totally different reason.
Nobody can tell you exactly why your track got hard rejected, we can only guess. I’m sure that in this this case it’s not the sound quality but probably the stuff I’ve already written down.
Listening to good selling tracks in the target genre never hurts, it gives an idea of the most successful arrangement, composition style, sounds, tones, etc.


I understand. you need to submit a track and pray that though the inspection was in a good mood. an ideal system. I understand your recommendations in the previous post, but listening to database of accepted tracks is out of sync with your advice. Thanks again for your attention.


DnB track is hot but is only drums. Other themes like synths r not so tasty. I think you should check the best DnB works on Beatport for example, find good harmony or structure, and try to apply that tricks to ur work. Jungle is about feelings and emotions for video customers most of the time, not for musicians of fans. Sorry for being blunt


thank you :slight_smile:


I quite liked “Energetic Drum N Bass” - sounded pretty good to me, not a great mix but the drum sound was great. But I’m not sure what the reviewers are looking for in that genre, possibly it was rejected because it’s not a track they think buyers are after.


Thank you my friend. I really appreciate a second opinion about the sound quality of my tracks. letters from a reviewer led me to a delusion, and instead of having to adjust the atmosphere, harmony, etc. I was trying to understand. what’s wrong with the sound. I think many musicians are in the beginning come across it. for me it is not clear why they are misleading.