My refund request was not answered. Why?

My refund request was not answered. I’m still waiting email but i didn’t get it. How long the process running?

It depends on:

  1. Who or what email you sent the request to?

  2. What the reason for a refund was?

  3. When you send the initial request?

It was a mistaken purchase

When i use your theme in my website i dont get enough performance. And i want work another theme on my website. So im apologize for this and Can i get my money back? The Item support team said" You have to contact Envato because selling/purchasing of the theme is in Envato hand…".

Technically a mistaken purchase is not grounds for a refund esp. if the performance problems are not a direct bug with the item.

That said you should start with the author (who can refund the item). If they cannot/will not help then you can reach out to envato.

The process is all here and what happens next etc. is here