My React HTML Template was Hard Rejected

I have recently uploaded an item under site template category and it got hard rejected. help me with the same.
Also attaching my theme image for your reference

Kindly do let me know what are the areas of improvements. so that i can update the template and resubmit it

Please help me with this issue fast, so that i can update it and resubmit it.

Presumably all the other images like about/store etc all exist.

It would be easier for you to share the demo link here rather than just an image of one page

Demo Link:
for the above theme

It’s very basic at this stage.

The home page feels like a lot of components piled together rather than a constructed home page

The other about and store images are very simple (fyi images in store are stretched on mobile)

You need to consider other pages, features, functionality etc to make it premium as right now it would be easy to find something that offers similar for free online

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