My React Dashboard Theme Was Hard Rejected

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I spent good 5-6 months building this Dashboard theme for react and it was hard rejected without any reason. I used to sell a WordPress theme on ThemeForest 2 years back which because of unforeseen circumstances I could not maintain and hence removed it from the marketplace to never sell it again. Is it because of that my items are getting hard rejected? It’s like no one even saw what I have developed. I could be wrong as well about the account so I am sharing the demo here for you guys to check.

Demo Link:

Please give me feedback on the product that might help me improve it and submit it again. Do let me also know if there is any way to find out if my previous account history of removing a product from the marketplace might be a reason for this getting rejected?

Looking forward to your help.
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It probably has nothing to do with your account history. Although your coding skills seem pretty solid, we are probably facing a design issue. Your dashboard design seems a bit outdated and not really inline with what is being approved currently on TF. I was myself working on a dashboard project for 11 months. It has been approved yesterday. You can look at my portfolio on TF and see my last item to get an idea of the current trends (I cannot post the link here as self promotion is forbidden on the forum). It has become very tough to be approved on TF but you’ll easily manage since you already were there a while ago. You just need to catch up and you’ll be fine. Best.

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Thanks, @cssninjaStudio for your valuable feedback. I appreciate your taking out time to answer my query. I saw Hura and I must say you’ve done an amazing job these. I do see what you say about the design here and it sure makes sense. But help me here with my doubt, is it about overriding the base library to an extent where I am retheming the included components of the library (Like Bulma In Your Case) into a cohesive new design system?

I do understand that the whole look and feel need to change along with having a streamlined and extensive demo website along with components that are for a large variety of real-world scenarios, that will minimize their overhead in using the template.

So is this what I should do?

  1. Extensively override the underlying library (Material UI in my case) into a cohesive new design system that is unique.
  2. Add more components that can be readily used for real-world scenarios.
  3. Modernize the design in sync with the examples that you have shared with me
  4. Have an extensive demo website that has multiple dashboards for different use cases and a features list for the buyer which makes it easier for the buyer to understand the utility of the product.
  5. Envato does not lay down standards for programming. I have followed the latest and best practices do you have anything else that you would like to highlight as far as coding the actual template is concerned?

Let me know if this sounds like a good plan to move ahead with this. Once again thank you for answering my query!

Yes, that’s at a high level what you should be taking, in terms of next steps. You see, we build dashboard templates for customers who are going to build real apps using them. And most of them are lazy, they want to copy paste and not bother with frontend. You should definitely customize the material UI library to come up with an original design system. Use a strong typeface and choose a nice font pairing, as well as working on your typography hierarchy. The number of dashboards you have to include is not explicit, but you should provide enough examples and variations. In terms of coding standards, Envato is pretty permissive, just make sure your javascript bindings are clean and, in the case of react, that you handle your state separately, and to use functional components and hooks instead of standard components. You should provide an extensive documentation as well as tables of content in each css / scss file. You can start from there, there’s a fair amount of work to do. Also remember that there will never be any guarantee of approval, this process remains between the hands of the envato review team. Best, and good luck!

Thanks a lot @cssninjaStudio this is a completely fresh and new perspective for me and I think I have been focusing more on the quality of the code and neglected the utility and usability aspect of it. Will work as per your recommendation and see where this goes!

Thanks once again!

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