My questions before I buy the licenses / LaraClassified

I want to buy LaraClassified script and operate 4 different websites (ad portals) with it. The use of the advertising markets is to be partly chargeable for the users (registration and monthly fee payment are required).

My questions before I buy the licenses:

  1. do I need a regular license or an extended license?
    (I do not sell the homepage and I am the owner, only the ad users may pay the fees)
  2. Can I purchase the license for a test website first and then adjust the license for the final website later?
  3. Is it possible to upgrade from a regular license to an extended license at a later date?
  4. Can I get a discount if I buy 4 or 5 licenses?
  5. Can I adapt LaraClassified script or add my own functions?
  1. If the ad users are paying an ongoing subscription then you will need an extended license (one per website using the theme - so for 4 websites you will need 4 individual licenses

  2. In theory yes, but one to check with the author How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

  3. No

  4. No

  5. Yes

If in doubt it’s worth double checking with support Envato Market Help and Support

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