My purchased item was FoodBackery and I can not register or log in with facebook or another social network

I have the theme FoodBackery bought about 1 year, but I configure the api that comes included in the subject and will not let me register or login user with facebook or other social network. In addition, another error appears to update the API plugin. Thank you for your attention and attend my request
“error”: {
“message”: “No se puede cargar la URL: El dominio de esta URL no est\u00e1 incluido en los dominios de la aplicaci\u00f3n. Para poder cargar esta URL, a\u00f1ade todos los dominios y subdominios de tu aplicaci\u00f3n al campo de dominios de la aplicaci\u00f3n en la configuraci\u00f3n de tu aplicaci\u00f3n.”,
“type”: “OAuthException”,
“code”: 191,
“fbtrace_id”: “AIgkKVAjDBQ9_8u-47gez1-”

“Something went wrong with the plugin API”


You can get help from your purchase item author @Chimpstudio right here as a comments.