My Purchased Item of Martfury theme was removed out of

What sort of complaint? A copyright complaint? If so If i used the theme I would be in breach of copyright. Wouldnt this means that my license was void in the first place… wouldn’t I, therefore be entitled to a refund?

I would never have bought them theme if I KNEW that it was in breach of copyright or if it had a virus in it etc.

yes thats Right but envato dont want to tell us… customers care :smiley:

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@charlie4282 being a top contributor, we hope that you understand everybody’s concern and panic. Nevertheless, It has been a month and I feel that it is not gonna come back (Hope I am wrong in future) but what is the alternate to MARTFURY for WordPress that supports WC Marketplace.

Anybody else would also like ponder over it…I can barely find any competent theme. Everybody says, there are many but there are not… :frowning:

While I appreciate the frustration (as a major buyer, we’ve had many items removed over the years), I also understand why envato cannot add further insight into a private matter, regardless of the reason.

RE: other themes:

Hello Everybody !

I’m Logan - Author LoganCee, Owner of MartFury PSD and who created design of it.

The first, i’m sorry to everyone by the trouble around disable Martfury without any warning to buyers. It’s out of our control.
My item and items from partners (include WP & Magento versions) has been attacked by a Incorrect DMCA report related to a small detail of design problem. Then we sent DMCA Counter Notification to Envato to claimed about this issue with full of proofs completely legal and Envato confirmed with we that my PSD item and both other CMSs related will reinstated after 10-14 business days from day that they received DMCA Counter Notification

I do not know if the DMCA sender’s action is an unintentional mistake or not. But result then, it’s causing confusion with customers, causing customers to lose trust with our product inadvertently.

Until now is 27 days has been passed. MartFury PSD & MartFury Magento has been reinstated 3-5 days ago !
Now just waiting for Martfury WP version. My partner let me know that they contacted Envato again, and Envato said that at this momment, they have to handle a lots of work. Therefore, time to reinstated may be longer a little.
I just want to inform here for everyone to know the recent status of MartFury

Once again, i really sorry to everyone by this trouble not expect !

When MartFury WP come back. I’ll inform here for everyone know.

On behalf of my partners, i want to send a thanks to everyone, who interested to Martfury, support it and still spend a trusted in our when it back . This is a big motivation for us to continue improve it better and create more quality items in next time

Hello Everyone !

I’m so glad to inform here that MartFury Woocommerce just return.

Once again, thanks to everyone so much for patient and waiting for our item