My PSD Template Rejected

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Your design need improvement colors, typography, more designs as professional, etc but you can see for example approved themeforest for give some ideas designs professional.


can you ask me what typography use its psd template

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You search fonts which you like use and better as professional.

Can you tall me its Template margin problem

Yes but you need measure 30px top, left, right. bottom margin or padding create a box for example section blog, services, etc.

blog and service sections margin problem

There are issues with typography, spacing, and other basics but even if you fixed those biggest issue is the design itself is not very good or well executed…

There’s is nothing that makes it distinctively relevant to the medical category, other than pictures used - If you changed the pics and titles then this could easily (still not to the standards for here) be a digital agency template or any number of other categories.

With respect this is a tell tale sign of an item being rushed, if not overly inspired by another item, and a lack of design knowledge and experience needed to be successful here.

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hi i am not an expert in web things though what i will say is true for design, no matter what … first of all, pls make sure that u turn out to cut all the models or objects from the background properly , if u do not , the result loos very unprofessional and this is a big shot in the foot that u give to yourself. Otherwise, pls do not violate the contrast basic design principle … this is making texts definitely unreadable and this bring u to face additional trouble in a snowball effect , including as far as hierarchy goes. Also make sure not to use disconnected colors coming out of the blue that turn out not to match with the rest , in addition … like your yellow logo, think about complementary colors, shades of the same colors or themed code colors, they are usually safe and smart choices …

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