My PSD Template Rejected ? Halp plz

I am pretty surprised that your account hasn’t been blocked for resubmitting hard rejections without significant change.

You’ve had good advice from multiple experienced authors here but none of it has been implemented.

With respect - you are wasting your own and the reviewer’s time with this (and will eventually get banned). You can make all the little tweaks you like, but the core design basics, the attention to detail, and any premium standards are not there

No one can tech you how to design - if you can’t see the issues, especially after other authors made suggestions, then this is not the marketplace for you.

Do you know this famous quote?

The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results

Seriously, why do you even ask for a feedback if you completely ignore it?

You need to significantly improve your skills before you are ready so submit something here. Forget about this design and start from scratch. Do it better, again and again until you get good enough. Take a look at recent bestseller items. Take a look at top designs from Dribbble and the likes. And don’t think you can improve in a week or a month. It will take several months at least.
And please, use some online translator to check your grammar.

This is my last feedback for you, because trying to help you sure feels like the definition of insanity (unless I will see a significant improvements in your future threads).

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