My PSD Template Getting Hard Reject (2 Times) - Need Your Help!

Hello everyone,

We kindly request all ThemeForest authors to provide guidance regarding the issue we have been facing with our UI Template (PSD) submissions on ThemeForest.

When we submitted our PSD template for a mobile app design for the first time, we received a “hard rejection.” In response, we carefully reviewed the Terms & Conditions for submissions and made sure that our next PSD template met all the criteria required by ThemeForest. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we received another “hard reject.”

Therefore, we humbly ask for your assistance in reviewing our product and sharing your thoughts on how we can obtain approval for our templates.

To facilitate a more accurate inspection, we have provided the images and screenshots below.

You would need to offer a lot more pages/layouts etc. to compete with the already coded options

The typography generally could be improved

You cannot include trademarked logos

Hey @charlie4282

Thanks For Your Feedback & Suggestions! We will focus on the points you mentioned.

Your icons and your imagery are not consistent. Different icon sets are mixed and that goes the same for products. You’d better invest on some stock photos and icons for your demos as your minimalistic design style suffers from that lack of consistency. There’s also a lot remaining to do regarding spacing and typography.

Thank You @cssninjaStudio
We will Follow Your Feedback & Suggestions!