my psd rejection

hi. my psd work was rejected . i have got this msg > unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
any one can help me ? what is the problem ?

Noone will be able to help unless you share a link to the demo image here

thanks. demo is there . you can check

The typography needs a lot of work. For example in this one, having the icons aligned to the top of the box and the text centred doesn’t work very well. The icons look dated also. The text looks like it’s just been very quickly placed in with no thought to making it aesthetically pleasing. No attempt to make it aligned in the centre of the box or aligned with the other text.

Plus the design is very simple, if you’re doing a simple minimalist design it really has to look amazing.

Attention to detail in all of them needs work - this is a super competitive space and as @ToivoMedia said there’s zero room for error.

For example:

Flower: the spacing and shadows on the icons don’t work

Fashion: the icons are far too close to the title/logo and not spaced correctly

Face of Beauty: the icons and details are too close to the logo

The yellow one: the icons in the triangles have inconsistent padding

Bryan Scotch: the icon and details have inconsitentntop/bottom padding and there’s random empty space under them

They all feel a bit rushed and thrown together rather than using logical hierarchy.