My psd is approvech or rejected?

Hi to all:

Next I will upload more (about, etc) here forum

please feedback thanks. :slight_smile:

or UPDATE better typography

It’s a good start. But you need to improve typography and spacing

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thanks but I need a tutorial improve typography and spacing? where link or if you want explain please write here thanks.

I update maybe it’s better typography I already fix :slight_smile:

Jerica I’m afraid this is still nowhere near the level you’re supposed to be to get approved on ThemeForest. And don’t forget that TF became rough even for those that get their stuff accepted - you will get 5-20$ out of it and very little chance to get a good collaboration.

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Thanks :slight_smile: but I will better my themes future :slight_smile:

Never envato help me for approvech my seller, I feed very bad :frowning:

Rejection does not feel good.
But there no design creativity, typography need a lot of work, spacing are not good, no design appeal, no content innovation. Overall this requires way too much rework or maybe better to start creating another.
Please research thoroughly about current trends and style.


Hi Iconic-Graphics.
Let me say some details you need to know ok? I knew Jerica in a Facebook group of designers, she´s a talented girl, she´s deaf and couldn´t finish his design career by lack of communication and support in their school, but her self-taught and her aspiration is to keep improving every day, seeking support and tools and, believe me, I hope many guys who are graduates and designers perfectly healthy in every sense, not even write without spelling mistakes … she sees how is complicate sometimes express themselves in her language, but her designs have perfect English, it is true that it lacks more experience, it is normal when you start, but she is perfectly qualified to run sites, she knows and work in php and, you guess, has been learning for theirs is like another against an opposing team with half the players … I thought you should know that before judging and obvious, no justifications on professionalism, but hey! to Frida Kahlo when he was prevented struggled to make works excellent job … I hope she continues to progress and improve, I think she started very well and go far, because design can study all but talent and vocation very few people have it.


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I made suggestions how to improve design, did not criticize who made the design. You can ask Envato if they have some policy for special designers.

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nice, i appreciate your words, i´ll tell her, thanks