MY PSD got Hard Rejected Need Help !

Please check where iam wrong and what changes should i do to get it uproved next time


With respect, this is miles off the necessary standard.

The concept is very outdated, basic and lacks premium value

The fundamentals incl. typography esp. font choices and hierarchy, consistency and spacing all need a great deal of work

Why have ‘graphic designers’ and corporate team members on a ‘travel’ website? This feels very disconnected and honestly, like it may be built using someone else’s item?

You would be better off taking them to refine skills and evaluate the necessary standards and expectation for files from here, before starting a new and original design.

PSDs are the hardest category to break here as the designs need to be flawless and attention to detail off the chart

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Thanks Charliee for Positive feed back

Hi charliee please comment on this file as well