my project rejected

i have uploaded a good script for managing laboratory system … i do not know why it is rejected without info about the reason for that … any one can tell me why ?
admin demo :
patient demo :

I’m not entirely sure this is the right kind of item for a stock marketplace esp as any reputable medical/lab facility is not going to use a sub $100 template to manage and secure data which is that confidential.

If you can code complex items then you’d be better off concentrating efforts on something more practical with broader appeal

first , thanks for your help
i have found a lot of laboratory systems already approved that is less quality than mine … and a lot laboratories are buying this type of projects because it has all functions they want … specially my project is filling almost of their needs

I may be looking at the wrong things but it seems like the top seller like this on CodeCanyon has less than 100 sales in almost 4 years?

Again I may be wrong about then demand for this and there could well be budget buyers looking to cut corners and find a quick and cheaper solution, but I just can’t see a reputable and professional medical related organisation coming to a creative stock marketplace for their admin needs.

Likewise (again can only speak about where we are based) I don’t think for one second a serious business in this space would be allowed to use stock solutions to manage that kind of sensitive data

maybe you are correct … but from my point of view there are small businesses that want a cheap project for their start … and I think they didn’t have good sales in this field because there is no good project published here with all features so that I worked on this project for my first start here

why not to give me a try for selling ?

I’m not a reviewer so I don’t know the exact reasons for the rejection - it oculd be down to design or code as much as the suitability we mentioned above

yes i know , and thanks for your much help
so how could i get the real reason for that … could you tell me please?

I definitely couldn’t and the reviewer is not obliged to provide it.

You can try seeing if there is contact info on the rejection for the reviewer but I think you will be very lucky to get detailed feedback or reasoning

iam disappointed to hear that … for spending more than two months developing that site
thanks very much bro

do you think may be rejected because I uploaded the website and the app as a one package as a PHP script ?

It’s not a category I know enough about to judge

I assume you filled out all of the relevant documentation etc and other requirements

You’re not alone here. It appears that Envato’s standard practice is to not respect people’s time. Scroll through the CodeCanyon forum, and you’ll see many others in the same situation. Others who’ve spent significant time and effort to produce useful, production-ready code which is met with an email that says “Nope. Throw it away and try again.”

I hope Envato sees that they’re breaking social contract here.


Yes this a big problem the should review themselves especially for good products that people spent much time to develop… they should tell them the real reason to help then develop it again and upload

Hello Osama,

Seen your project and below is my opinion.

My first project on codecanyon was also rejected and believe me, they don’t do it without thoroughly reviewing it. One thing they can just reject fast is because if someone don’t follow this guide in detail.

This describes, you need to give it a good name, proper description, proper icon, preview_image and screenshots as per their standards. Also, there has to be a good detail/documentation on how your item can be installed and used.

In technical aspects, it should be on latest versions of all plugins and libraries you are using i.e. (jQuery, bootstrap or latest codeigniter or laravel). Also make sure you are properly make it prevented against the standard security threst (xss, csrf, sql injection etc). Also, from design point of view it should also be proper and responsive with latest industry practices (The design of your theme is pretty fine I think, but my opinion is just mine).

From Market point of view, it is off course of some importance, that you make something “Premium”. Something that’s not available freely like wordpress or some shopping carts. Even there are a lot of shopping carts in the free market as well as here on codecanyon. But here, all of them have something unique which the free market is not offering.

I haven’t really know your project from both technical and market aspects but there could be something down the line you are missing. I suggest you to go and review the envato articles for codecanyon and give it another try. Don’t loose hope at all, I know how it sounds like that you work on something for months and get disappointment.