My project is under review from 8 days . i have number of projects for uploading .

I am posting my project first time . first time i posted then got some suggestion from envato that was resolved by me and then resubmit that . but still it is under review from 8 days . i want to posted my number projects on envato to sale . Can any one help in this topic

its normal :frowning: please wait

when my project will upload and ready for sale . is any issue on the project

Being reviewed and being approved for sale are not the same thing.

Assuming that you completed all the necessary steps eg. documentation etc. then unfortunately you just have to wait and they will look at it ASAP

Presumably, it’s still showing in your dashboard as queued?

If you want (unofficial) feedback then you can share your demo in these forums

Still my proejct is pending and now 11 days to go . i want some clarification from the codecanyon or evanto market , why my project has not been uploaded and still in review . how can i do that

Assuming it is still under review and visible in your dashboard, then unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, and highly unlikely that envato will be able to give any more info.

There is no way to predict review times for certain - more often than not they are beyond envato’s control

it means no one can provide the solution for the issue arising to upload that project

If you mean tell you how long it will take or why there is a delay - no, there is not really anyone who can answer that