My project is constantly rejected harshly, how can I solve this?

Hello, my project that I uploaded a week ago is constantly being rejected. I don’t know the reason for the rejection because there was no proper explanation, can you help me? → this is my demo link for html

Design and quality is not good enough - there’s nothing to comment as the item is not ready at all.
If you keep submitting the same item, your submission rights would be revoked.

Well, if I put the finished version of this site in Laravel, do you think can it approve or will it be rejected because the site Design and quality is not good enough? İf it happens of because of the simplicity of the design and quality, I may try to upload a more creative design in my next project.

With respect it’s not about Laravel etc- the design is wrong on just about every basic level, the features are generic and nothing unique or premium, and not really very much to it in terms of pages and functionality.

It does not matter what you use to code it - as it stands it would never be approved.

Have a look at popular items already for sale and the attention to detail and versatility of their designs and code.

Thank you for your feedback. I will appreciate it.