My project is always rejected, how should I improve my skills?

As a video designer, why upload projects are rejected, and where should I improve my video design skills? Please guide me from the elite designers. Is there a technical reference related knowledge?:frowning:

Hello, seeing your work could help to provide some constructive feedback.

In addition to this, inner project structure/organizement is also important thing to consider. Make sure that all project assets are well defined and structured.

Lastly, rejection should come with some notes - they could lead you towards a proper direction too.

Good luck!

OK,I will upload my video,Thank you.

Hey there. Please make sure you replace your avatar with an original image. Using the Envato logo is not allowed :slight_smile:

OK.I will modify the logo.

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Here is my work. Could you please make some valuable suggestions for me?

Hey, the link is not working.

I can open it

Working now. check it please. Thank you.

The main thing which you could definitely improve - is movement of animations, their flow. By introducing more dynamics to the items, you could enhance their look alone.

Also, not sure what flexibility is offered - do you have color controllers in the project, etc?

Looking at it alone - its not bad at all, but more polishing is needed, and more dynamic flow. How many times it was rejected? Since you mentioned that it is ‘ALWAYS’ being rejected.

Cheers and keep it up!