my project have no sales

hey all i got one project on Envato graphic river and i got no sales i want to know your opinion about and hot to improve my quality to get sales soon

The best way to increase sales is to build up your portfolio. Regularly upload good items and over time you may gather followers and repeat buyers. Selling on stock sites is a long term game, you have to have some patience. The market is incredibly saturated and it’s now very hard to get sales. I recently reactivated my exclusive account, it’s over a thousand sales, nearly 500 followers, and yet my new flyers all have zero sales so far.

so what do you think about the project quality.

This looks good to me. I have seen similar pasta labels in shop.

Thank you.

There’s hardly any other pasta packaging on the site, so you’ve got yourself a bit of a niche, but I don;t think you’re doing yourself any favours…

-The text at the top of the preview image is far too big and detracts from the actual item.

  • Is there a better image you can use for the pasta pack? Looks more like a ready mean than premium pasta.

  • You’re missing a trick not having a horizontal version for pasta sauce jars and bags of pasta.

  • Should packaging have areas for ingredients, cooking instructions, barcodes? I’m no expert when it comes to packaging design, but that would save clients a job.

  • I like the pasta background, not a massive fan of the badge… the text content is a bit weak, especially the curved lettering.

  • You should sell the pasta background vector on it’s own. One item can then become two, with additional sales potential. You have a shop that just sells pasta… your item covers their pasta ready meal packs. With the vector, you’re also covering printed napkins, brown paper bags, the design on receipts etc.

  • Maybe add another badge option, two might not be enough.

  • Provide more and/or better mockups. Let potential clients see what their packaging would look like in the wild. Not sure the top down view is doing you any favours.

Overall I think it’s pretty good. You’ve got a niche, but it’s not the most popular of niches… but with a bit of fine-tuning you should increase the sales potential. Don’t give potential buyers a reason to not buy your items!

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Thank you very much very good notes.