My project got rejected,any feedback please!

Send me a start to modify the project requirements.
Unfortunately your submission Stacking memories Slide isn’t quite ready for VideoHive. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

Your project is marked as CS5.5 compatible, but in fact it only works with AE CC. Please fix this.

Please remove “Inspiring Piano And Orchestra.mp3” from main ZIP. You’re not allowed to resell watermarked previews.

Please replace all images with generic placeholders in main ZIP. You can use them in preview video, but you can’t resell them.

After making the required fixes or improvements, please edit your submission at and submit for re-review.

Please note, you must make the required fixes or improvements before resubmitting for re-review. By not doing so, repeated resubmissions without changes may be considered abuse of the review system and your submitting rights may be disabled.

After I modify to upload, and gave me a hard to refuse.

Unfortunately your submission Stacking memories Slide isn’t ready for VideoHive and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission.

Please see our Help Center for more information:

Our Review team also provided these comments:

Thanks for resubmitting your item, however upon further inspection by additional review team members, we’ve decided that this item doesn’t meet our current quality standards of design and execution.

When reviewing projects, we take into consideration the flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file. Unfortunately we don’t feel as though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria.

We look forward to seeing more of your work.

Very confused about hard reject - need feedback~ thank you~

Hello EasternSign ,

Well its has been really tough for you since your project got a rejection after resubmission but after all rejection and approval is the part of the play .

It happened with me once that I have had uploaded a project and got the feedback that “Please organize the zip into folders” then I followed the comments and fixed the bugs and resubmitted but still it was rejected .

Please go through the following link if you have any other query for uploading projects to Videohive and watch this video tutorial which gives a more clear guide on uploading process

So please don’t mind this rejection , cheer up and start a new project and all the best for your future uploads .


Thank you for your encouragement, I need to cheer up!

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Hmm. I think it’s a bit off to get you to spend your time fixing a bunch of stuff and then hard reject with a generic form letter by way of explanation. Then it falls to the forum guys to go to the effort.

From my point of view the idea is kind of interesting, but the execution is a bit lacking for me and comes over as a bit messy. I also think it’s lacking a little from the pure graphic design point of view, and for a motion piece, there’s not really much growth, development or structure. It’s just the same transition repeated a bunch of times.

I could see it being used in part of a commercial or youtube video, I would think it could be approvable after some modifications. I also think it’s unfair for Envato to more or less lied about the project being approvable, in fact that almost seems illegal because they’re wasting the company time of different entities when they do that. If it’s not good enough, let the artist know right away. If it has potential, let them know right away.

I think it has potential because the only thing I see needing significant improvement is the way the different “stacks” or pieces of an image come together. When I look at a scene of the different parts of am image fitting together, not only is the motion blur a bit awkward, but, every piece has an extremely chaotic and sharp outline and those factors make it somewhat unpleasant or confusing to the eye. It’s like when you only use the magic wand tool in photoshop to get rid of all the background around fuzzy hair, you’re left with all these rigid little chunks that the magic wand couldn’t completely get to with its tolerance setting and that’s almost what it looks like with the borders of the image pieces.
On it’s own, it’s not particularly unique either which shouldn’t be the end of the world but it doesn’t make it stand out which might also be the cause of some of the rejection since the easier something is to do, the more people are doing. I guess check the video hive saturation list to see if there’s any main categories of videos that videohive doesn’t accept right now due to market saturation, if it has such a list.

This looks awesome to me - I have no clue. Then again, I’m an Audiojungle author not a video guy.

Sometimes, it’s all up to who’s reviewing - some people are waaaaay more hardcore and think that everything needs to “fit in a box”, and some people prefer certain styles of things over others. Other reviewers are more open to newer things - some reviewers ONLY like new things and dislike things that seem to cliche (while the opposite can hold true as well!!)

That is the one problem I am noticing with Envato reviewers - there is certainly a lack of consistency when it comes to rejecting material.

Anyway, as @SGcreations said, Rejection is part of the game! Keep your head up - I personally thought the template was great!

Actually that is true in my experience as well, I’ve had reviewers reject an item and after submitting something almost identical it gets approved by a different reviewer, but I’m only pushy like that once in a while for something that’s as high quality as I can make it, I wouldn’t rely on getting a different reviewer without some changes in general because I see the same people approve my items.