My project get reject many times

Hello, My project gets rejected many times, but I don’t the reason to get rejected there is anyone that faced this problem can give some advice to solve this problem. Thank you

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please upload you preview demo format jpg many thanks

Do you want to upload image preview demo to see it or what mean by that and thank you so much for your respond.

With respect there are quite a few issues and it is one of the toughest categories to get approved in.

On the front:

  • the alignment of the url and slogan feels uneven

On the back:

  • The various components are not well aligned or spaced

  • the icons are to big and lack padding/margins

  • too much empty space at the top and too little at the bottom of the yellow icon container

  • name and subtitle don’t align

  • there’s inconsistent padding to the right of the contact info in each perspective example

  • contact info lacks hierarchy


hi u have to deal with a collection of diverse issues indeed …
first of all the slanted yellow bar is neither aesthetic nor making any sense at all , this is coming out of nowhere and this is “originality” that is not working at all no matter what we are considering
texts are flagged in a way that is impossible to understand indeed and the alignment is impacted too
using bold fonts everywhere is not a good idea as u have limited ways to make the hierarchy good more professional and efficient and , as such the hierarchy is far from being satisfying enough, especially to make it here in such a tough category …
edges around the profile picture seem uneven and i am even wandering how u have been creating it so that u can manage to create such an uneven thing indeed
icons are way too basic, photoshop preset that all people use, at least all the people who have their cards rejected, for sure
the global organization of the card is not good enough as spacing are too big in some places and really too small in some others and there is a lack of harmony and “breathing” resulting out of it … plus your texts are way too close from the edge and they would apparently be cut as outside the safety zone