My project are rejected

I really like it. But is same problem of other authors, you made a great work but reviewers consider that there are so many of this kind already on Videohive. At this point is very difficult to get a product outstanding enough to be approved. Your work is obviously well executed and designed and music, etc. But reason for rejection is the one I mentioned above I guess. I had same problem when I made an Element 3D project a couple of months ago that reviewer said in a mail, that quality wasn´t the problem, the reason for rejection was that Videohive already had a lot of these kind of Element 3D project, so I tried to go in a different direction. Maybe you should try that too, and search for other categories to design here on Videohive, like logo reveals for example, apps promos, etc. And try to publish this item in other market sites not oversaturated like this, that could work.
Good luck! :+1:

The same thing as @GoForMotion said :tulip: