My product got hard rejected and they have give us advice to get suggestion form the forums.


We are new at themeforest and we want to start selling with themeforest.

We have sumbited musician html template as our first product int hemeforest the url is as below Please check our all dmeos and give us advice what changes help us to approve our product.

Thank you in advance for all helper.

Thank you.

Can only see it on a phone but there are a lot of mobile performance problems esp with the animations.

The typography, hierarchy and spacing looks

Why have “web developers” in a music template? Always looks suspiciously like it’s based on another file

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Ok Thank you sir,

Please also help in desktop version where every you can check.

in my opinion it’s cramped, you must put more white space, personally I don’t like the color not eye catching, and the preview image must use good quality image, match for your template. some people image in the circle not seems right. And the navbar menu hover effect is not good