My print flyer got rejected. Please tell me what went wrong.

Hi guys,

I made a flyer submission that got rejected. I thought I had followed all the guidelines I was aware of, that were relevant for approval, like text hierarchy etc… and I feel it’s creative enough. But it still got rejected.

Here’s the flyer…

Here is the picture of the ‘person holding phone’ that I used in the flyer:

It’s a modified version of an image from Unsplash:

Unsplash allows the use of its images for any purpose with modifications, and I had blurred the person’s face so he isn’t recognizable like in the original. I had asked a question about it in a previous post: Want to know if a free stock image with a blurred model can be used in a Flyer Template.

Please help me, guys.

Thanks in advance for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I can share the main zip file I submitted, if that will make it easier to assess the flyer.

@n2n44 Please help.

hi indeed, there are many things to fix or improve in my view. Forts of all the global style is a bit simple and bringing a bit more graphic design and pushing the envelope would be welcome, especially when it comes to the big green surface. Otherwise, the fake logo is really too flat and everything and is not bringing your game to the next level , but the other way around … u have an issue when it comes to contrast and readability because of the colors that u chose that are hardly constructing enough with the color of the background and there is a negative impact on both readability and hierarchy of information. U may consider increasing the global size of the typo. besides about the typo, this is a bit too flat , u need more variations, more, font combinations and to introduce touches of originality indeed. Pls also make sure that the choice of colors for titles is in keeping with the importance of these texts too, they need to spring out …

Thanks a lot for your critique @n2n44

I’ll do my best to keep these things in mind while making my next creative. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi buddy, do as u feel but according to what i could witness, most of the guys who “keep this in mind for ten next project” actually turn out to come out again after their next rejections and after redoing the same mistakes … therefore, i would rather recommend u to try to apply changes to this item , this is better, but, this is up to u …

Okay. I will make changes to this item and resubmit. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll share it here for you to review before I do. :grinning:

Really appreciate the time and effort you spend on us GraphicRiver newbies. :slightly_smiling_face:

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u are welcome , good luck and good work buddy

@n2n44 I’ve made some changes, can you tell me if this has a better chance to get approved? I’ve tried to follow the suggestions you had given.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

hi for me this is definitely way better … though here is how i feel, in my view, u should make an extra effort to create a fake logo design more worked out and really fitting much more with the item that u are using it with. I would also personally add as shadow under the upper part of the shape in which u have the picture , this is just a finition detail but as u know all details matter and this is not a big deal for u to do it anyways , so better with than without …

Okay, I will try to do them too.

Thank you. :smile:

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@n2n44 Is it better?

yeah but would be even better with a tagline inside the logo indeed :slight_smile:

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Great advice. :smiley:

Is this good enough to submit? I’m also including 3 colour variations.

this look cool buddy :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll try submitting. :grin:

good luck buddy , i cross fingers for u :slight_smile:

@n2n44 I think it got soft-rejected, they asked to make some changes and resubmit.

I’m thinking of cutting the person out from the image and using a different background behind him so it’s no longer a full photo.

Also planning to use custom App Store and Google Play badges like in this one:
[link removed]

Will these steps address the issues?

Apologies if I’m taking too much of your time. :slightly_smiling_face: Also, I feel the feedback they gave can give you more information to work with when helping out other designers with rejections. :smile: I will try to do the same when I see rejected designs with similar mistakes.

Thanks for the suggestions that made them like the design. :smile:

hi yeah this is a rather usual message lol anyway , all u have to do is just to follow the instructions are resubmit , this is good news :slight_smile:

hu sorry maybe i can add something … indeed, u have to take out all the pictures with people’s face, all logos that maybe be known ones and so on …

Okay. Thanks a lot. :smiley:

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