My presentation get hard rejected what can i do to make it accept next time?

I always get hard rejected for all the items I make. where is the mistake? Please help

Right away I can think of a few things for that particular image.

  • Do you have the right to use the photo?
  • The word “SAMPOH” is off center which overall makes the image look lopsided.
  • The text “PRESENTATION TEMPLATE” is crossing over two dark lines in the photo, which makes the text hard to read and isn’t very pleasing to the eye.

I’m guessing this one image isn’t the full item that you submitted, so there could be other problems throughout, but judging by the image here I’m guessing you’re going for a simplistic, crisp, and clean look, so focus on making sure the text is clear and has enough breathing room.

Try making “PRESENTATION TEMPLATE” smaller so it fits nicely between the lines and has enough space on each side to not look so squished, also try making it the same colour as the red railings, that will make it pop a bit more and help it be more interesting while still letting it fit in the image. Same with the word “SAMPOH”, use the colour of the dark base along the bottom of the walls.

Since it’s hard rejected, you can’t just make these changes and submit it again, you’ll have to try something different, but try to use those principals that I mentioned as I think they will help you improve your next item.

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hi indeed, u have to keep in mind some of design’s basic principles, such as contrast and alignment … the text is indeed not popping out much for the main title and the other one is even difficult to read, basically u have a bit of a problem of contrast
after that there is an alignment issue as u have to select an option either u select to align all in the middle and flag all in the middle of choose to do all on the left or all on the right but u can have half ways indeed, othrwise it will not be working … i undertand what u tried to do indeed, u tried to compensate the fact that the picture is not balanced or symetrical … but u cannot do this … u would better work on the picture to make it fit your zone and make sure that this is aligned in the middle to , which basically implies that u have a photomontage and increase the right part slightly indeed