My position.

What was rude about that? He’s just saying that (as far as I can tell) he believes your tracks are clearly not at the standard required to get approved, so it would have been an easy decision for the reviewers. That’s him expressing his opinions about your tracks, I wouldn’t say it was specifically rude… I’ve heard worse in my time!

So I don’t believe his comment warrants ‘an equally rude answer’. I don’t even know what you said in your reply (would mean opening Google translate) but I’m confident is was removed for good reason… nobody deletes comments just for fun.

Five days - ignoring “common place” the twelve days)

I think it’s pretty clear. You’re trying to refute the obvious…

If my tracks are easy to “evaluate” me now waiting 4 the track the wait time is 6 days let the reviewers will check them now.

I assure you there was an answer 100% equivalent. I didn’t insult the author. I evaluated the author’s work as he does it for me.

I’m not trying to refute anything. You asked about deleted posts and people being rude, so I was referring to that, nothing else.

Why they got reviewed in five days? I’ve no idea, I’m not a reviewer! Genuine question for you though… if they’d been approved, and you’d got four approval emails at the same time… would you still be here thinking something suspicious was going on?

Who said you did? I didn’t. You said you were equally rude, and I have no reason to doubt you.

I wasn’t rude.

Your logic: your tracks were checked in five days because they are “bad”. the author himself says that the reviewers have a biased attitude to my work. You agreed with him.

All the authors in one voice talk about the bad sides of my work, but not one author did not try to emphasize the good side… For me, it is also an indicator of “justice”.

Well why did you say you were equally rude then?! Sure, equally rude can theoretically mean 0% rude, but if somebody hasn’t been rude at all, then you’d just leave out the word rude entirely!

When did I say that?

No I didn’t.

You’re wondering why your tracks were rejected… it’s only logical that people are going to focus more on reasons why they might have been rejected, and less on reasons why they should have been approved.

I gave an equivalent answer

If you think the “zigro” comment in the answer to my question is appropriate. So I’m right about the"bias."

You said you"don’t see anything wrong."

Let the authors become familiar with this topic before evaluating the work of other authors.

Here are a few occurrences that proves the contrary (about one of your better tracks):

@CleanMagicAudio said: “The track is good and the idea of the track too”.

And I said: “I also enjoyed this track”. Plus, “I think it is a pretty good one”.

I also had good words about your accepted items, by the way.

People don’t necessarily say good words about your imperfect tracks for a reason: this is not how honest and constructive feedback works! Advices are not evil things, but free tickets to a better future.

Ps: I saw you comment constructively about a few authors rejections, recently. Imagine if they reacted in your fashion instead of offering their thanks in good spirit…

Well if you’re saying you gave an equivalent answer and that you weren’t rude, then that means zigro wasn’t rude either.

Thinking a comment isn’t inappropriate doesn’t mean I agree with the contents of that comment.

I didn’t say “I don’t see anything wrong” (with his comment). I said “I wouldn’t say it was specifically rude”, and as you’ve already stated… it wasn’t rude.

But still… how about you forget about all this conspiracy nonsense and focus on making better tracks, working towards creating content that is going to get approved? I mean, even if you’re 100% right and there’s this massive conspiracy against EvgenM, born out of fear by a consortium of Elite authors who are panicking that your tracks may single-handedly bring about the end of their stranglehold on the marketplace… what can you do to change that? I know you feel that you are the chosen one. The one the prophecy said would come to bring balance to AudioJungle, and usher in a golden era of everything getting approved and sales the like have never been seen before… but we all have to start somewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day.



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But my comment was deleted, and the comment “zigro” was not deleted.

And what do feel may be the reason for that?

I ask this question to the moderators.

I’ve no idea. I’d have to translate your comment to understand what it means… and as somebody has already done so and deemed it not fit for the forums, I’m not really inclined to do so. Maybe you should forget about it and move on. or maybe think about what you said that might have resulted in it being removed, so you can avoid doing so in the future.

So my comment was deleted because it was in Russian?

but this situation is "proof "of bias against me. You ask for proof of my claims, I’m trying to point you to them.

Where on earth did you get that from?! You’re just making stuff up now!

"?"this is a question mark. deals with at the end of this sign means that is the question.

Don’t assign me actions I don’t do…

Come on dude play nice… the Elite consortium are on my back trying to get you banned as they’re really worried that you could shatter their monopoly with your brilliance tracks, but I’m telling them no… give him a chance. He’s the author AudioJungle deserves, but not the one it needs right now. But don’t worry… you will give the people of AudioJungle an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, EvgenM. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

I wonder how you turn to “taunts.”. :disappointed:

I’m not angry to such people I am sympathetic…

If I were a mod I probably would have taken this opportunity to end this thread about 90 posts back


Go to plan “B” ?

Which is?