My Podcast is Now Live! Some guests include known Envato Elites from VH, TF, and AJ (Tim McMorris, Brandon Matias, Benji Jackson, etc.)

Here is my show on iTunes! :slightly_smiling:

The show consists of 5-minute episodes to motivate you to self-examine and grow! Who couldn’t use that?

Guests will be from all walks of life, but naturally Envato authors seem to be very deep thinkers and self-motivated go-getters.

The first 8 weeks of a podcast are extremely important. The more downloads, subscriptions, and 5-star ratings, the more likely it’ll have to land on the “New & Noteworthy” section on iTunes. Hopefully this will help advertise the Envato Market as a whole a little as well.

I’m excited to hear from Envato authors especially. I think we have some good things going here. :slightly_smiling:

I hope you enjoy Your Motivational High 5! Thank you for letting me share a little of myself with you!



Cool stuff man! Looking forward to hearing more episodes!

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Nice! Sounds great. Will definitely check it out. Thanks, Phil! :wink:

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Nice! :smiley: make it monthly podcast

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Hey @PhilLarson, I love the concept and it’s sounding great (so far I’m a couple of minutes into the first episode.
Good luck with it.

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Thanks so much, friend! :slight_smile: Good luck on the feature. Well deserved!

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It will be weekly! :grin:

Thanks so much, @kbdwizard! I’m glad someone thinks it is a concept worth loving! :blush:
Thanks for following along!

Sweet Idea. I love podcasts, will be tuning in!

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Wow, nicee! :wink: Looking forward to hear more.

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Great idea! Keep it going! :boom:
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Thank you so much. I feel honored you would do that. Thanks.

Thanks for the support, everyone! We’re closing in on 600 total downloads since the release.

If you haven’t yet, would you be so kind as to subscribe, download, and rate 5-stars?

We are slowly climbing the ranks of “New & Noteworthy!” :slightly_smiling:


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This is an excellent resource for the community. I love motivation and selfhelp topics among artists. Thank you very much Phil for it. I’m starting to subscribe just now :wink:

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Hey, all! Momentum for the podcast is really picking up. I can really use your subscribes, downloads and 5-star ratings to climb the ranks of “New & Noteworthy!” Thank you! :slightly_smiling:

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This is really long overdue! Awesome someone picked it up and going for it! Looking forward to the next shows :smiley:

My episode featuring AJ elite author @brandonamatias and his wife is now live!

On iTunes here:

Or on any other podcast app. Check it out! :slightly_smiling: