My plugin is Hard Reject

Hi everyone,
I submitted an item for Rental Car.
I don’t know why it was rejected.
I tried hard for many days for coding my plugin.
My demo:

Please help me. Because, I am very passionate about this product

Did you submit a working demo rather than the video? Without that the reviewer probably didn’t even check the file

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Thank charlie support.

I added my demo:

My plugin is a demo in the Astra theme. But I don’t know why it was rejected.

The review process is very fast.

After I submitted it, it took about 5 minutes to get the results

Presumably you did submit all the necessary documentation and other elements?

Looking at the demo - that demo site doesn’t come across as especially premium. I get you are selling the plugin not the site but it’s all part of the presentation.

Having the cars on the home page with a book CTA that doesn’t go anywhere feels unfinished

The car detail pages need a lot of work - the styling, fonts, empty descriptions etc all feels unfinished and lacking in premium design

Having lots of car photos throughout that are zoomed in and cropped could be improved

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Thanks for your help.

So, I should build content more.
And Do I style again for the detail page?

Definitely look at improving the design quality and focus on the plugin itself not having a big website that incorporates it - the more you add/have the more there is to go wrong.

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Thank charlie,

I don’t really focus on design.
Because I think the design plugin on Codecanyon is considered lighter than Themeforest. It has a strong focus on functionality.
Look at some other submitted items. I find the HTML interface very basic.
Is design quantity not important here?

It’s not good when I compare it with other products.
But such is the situation.

And I am very curious.

I hope You can help me answer my question.

Design and code matter but your bigger issue is the limited functionality that can be easy found for free

Thank charlie.

If we don’t do better than other products in function quantity.
Well, we need to make a product with a new idea. This would be easily accepted.

One more final question.
“quality standard” in feedback hard reject means the number of feature functions is too small right Charlie?

Quality standard can mean any number of things:

  • weak design
  • errors with code
  • lack of premium quality of execution or functionality
  • too similar to other items already for sale
  • and more…

It basically means that the item is too far from the standards (for whatever reason) for it to be worth the reviewer sending detailed feedback due to the potential amount of work required and the new for the author to be able to properly understand and action the feedback to prevent even further frustration.

It doesn’t matter what item you make as long as you prioritise the uniqueness and premium value that it offers someone willing to buy it

Thank you very much,

After being rejected many times for many of my products. I was so depressed because I spent a lot of time creating them.

After listening to your expertise, I have more motivation to make another product.

The design is as important as the project you should rethink this and take care of the design as well.

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Thank you.
I submitted very much items from 2019 to now.
Only 1 item is accepted.
I change design very much for a project. But hard to reject, too.
Sometimes, I rent a designer for changing the interface of my project. But the result is nothing

I understand.

Is difficult to get something approved this day.

My advice si to find a very good UI designer to help you make your products more commercial…

I am waiting for my latest project to be approved, I hope everything is good Plasmic Audio Player

If you look closely I have put a lot of effort in showing what this product can do and also a documentation page that is more complicated than the product, documentation is very important and it must be done right so that the client knows how it works.

Looking at your product I have no idea what it dose, this is my first impression…