My php theme hardly rejected Please feedbak

Well, they tell me that the quality of the design is not good.

I would like to help me improve this


with respect your Item is a html template but index.html missing or focusing different Item instead you used index.php. look like not a complete template only 2 pages both php page index.php & about.php. design lack for hosting template. I think these can be the reason for getting reject.

@mgscoder is right this is not complete:

  • None of your navigation works?

  • Demo needs to be in English only

  • There is identical cotnent (including actual contact info) to another site which looks different but shares the same name?

Thanks for your response, they help me a lot.

They are only three pages in the template.

  • Home
  • Hosting
  • About

all are in English I have made some changes.

They are on my main page in a demo folder so I put only the link

I hope you can help me, I already make some modifications

I feel the confusion, the template is in php