My PHP Script Rejected But Why?

Hi. I uploaded my PHP script to CodeCanyon but it was rejected. Similar item is on market (it is more expensive than my item) now and my item is better (I think so) than it. Can someone tell me why rejected? (I didn’t use framework because it’s not big project, i use clean code style)

My Script: -
Similar item: -

Thank you.

I think it might because of bad structure of your item, submission of items without frameworks should at least have a clean structure and organized files. Separate your views from the logical layer of your item.

Thank you for answer. I normally use framework (or write my own framework) for big and medium level projects but as I said it’s small project.
Script Files Folder: -
Yes it’s not my best but I just think enough for this project. I don’t think “similar item” has a better file structure.

You should create a simple templating system, it seems that you completely mixed the html with php. I suggest you to use smarty or any lite templating engine. It’ll help you minimize the number single php files in the root directory, codecanyon reviewers really hate mixing html with php based on my experience :rofl:

Thank you again for advice