My php/laravel item was rejected, I need feedback

This is my item, it was hard rejected.
Could you please give me feedback ?


The concept has been done lots of time, the item doesn’t offer anything new to the marketplace along with the design still needs polishing ( spacing issues/ typo, etc )

Thanks you so much for your valuable feedback…
did you taking for frontend & admin panel both?

Only front-end

Could you also see admin panel ? & give me fedback


I understand that not everyone of us is good at spelling - I myself make spelling errors especially when typing in codeview BUT …

On your signin page - it is DELIVERY not derivery tracking (as shown in the image)

On the homepage there are also bad spelling errors, and with respect that just looks poor.

Image sizing is rubbish so if you look at your blog page Blog | Parcel Fly then click on any of those items, the image on the page is smaller so it looks distorted and out of focus.

And Signin you have internal 500 server errors.

Go back and look at this properly and make sure it all works before you attempt to resubmit item.