My php/jquery script was hard rejected. Need your feedback

I am a new author and my php/jquery script was hard rejected on Codecanyon.
My script is a quiz add-on for a website.
I need your feedback and suggestions to improve my project.

Demo version

Admin panel:
Test login: admin
Test password: 123456

There’re free plugins for the most CMS - as this item doesn’t offer any premium features.

Thanks for your opinion. I will look other plugins and try to add more features to my script in the future.

@savsoft_site as @ki-themes has said the script doesn’t offer any premium features. HOWEVER, having said that the idea is sound and you need to think about what you would like to accomplish with a quiz like this. The look and feel could be better, and there might be additions worth considering in the admin side of the script.

Don’t give up - look at what other scripts are similar on Envato already, then aim to make your script better :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed answer. Yes, so I will do that.