My PHP item has been rejected Need Help

Hii Sir My Php item has been rejected please tell me issue i want to improve it

Front -
Admin - Admin Login
email -
password - 12345

please check it & please tell me issue i m new in market

@mgscoder @LSVRthemes please help me what the issue please help

@mgscoder @LSVRthemes @unlockdesign please help me what the issue please help i want to improve please help

The entire idea of your script is really not something anyone would buy, also the theme and admin panel seems to have only the basics. You’ll need to re-think the whole script and re-write it.

Hey @WebPlusTheme I’m not enough expert on PHP framework :frowning:


Hello so I’m not into PHP programming, but I understand a lot of stuff so here is my contribution:

Front page designs look okay as such, but then you have this great admin login screen, when once you login you are bombarded with ultra bright garish colours. It throws you out!

The colour schemes between frontpages and admin area need to be the same, not like you have taken an admin theme and thrown it together with your other part of the website.

I will look at the admin area more tomorrow, and give you my own views if that would help.
Good evening

admin area theme is in multiple color like dark mode,light mode,samidark & gradient admin can change theme color in website setting section & it’s portfolio script so portfolio has normal features. here user/admin can edit every text/image according own requirments

so please tell me specific reason

@charlie4282 @mgscoder please help me what the issue my code or functions please help

Hi @WebPlusTheme,

Actually php script feedback without checking coding will not be a complete review.
Can you tell us few things:

  1. item title
  2. what is your target customer mean for which purpose your item will use by customer
  3. have you used any framework/mvc/cms or just raw php
  4. the backend design is your own created or using any approved template in envato market


Hii Thanku @mgscoder for Your response
Here is All Details Please Check My Code & Replay Me

  1. Miron - Portfolio / CV / Resume / CMS Website
  2. it’s portfolio cms script anybosy can use that for make own portfolio like developer / photographer etc…
  3. yes i have used Laravel 7 framework
  4. backend design is my own design not any thirdparty or envato market theme

sir please check it & replay Me ASAP

To review fully need few hours. So, just giving you some basic hints.

your item title related to themeforest not codecanyon.

Your item is backend related and for codecanyon. So, title as like this will be better:
Miron - Portfolio / CV / Resume / Admin Template
Miron - Portfolio / CV / Resume / Template Systems

First one only backend important and frontend optional (you can omit). you have design backend with premium quality.

2nd one both backend and frontend important. and in this case you have design both backend frontend with premium quality.

I would like to say same thing as stated in the above for title.

That’s great just you have to take care the coding. especially mysql injection, data sanitize, XSS attack etc.

That’s great decision!

So, under the above discussion your title is a much factor to get rejected because in title you use cms template and cms is a huge part and can be used for multi purpose as like wordpress cms.

As far I checked your backend I think you concentrate only personal resume so your title should reflect this. and definitely you have to add some more premium features as like: carousel slider, progress bar, countup etc should add. contact form with captcha adding features.

Menu navigation is not user friendly as like menu structure should like this order:
For Services:

  1. Add Service
  2. All Services
  3. Services Category
  4. Services Main Features

But you don’t have. You don’t have Add Service in menu navigation and order is not the right way.

Same for other blog, portfolio etc.

Finally keep a note envato will approve your item if your item can keep commercial values with premium design and user friendly to use.


Thanku So much Sir after changes can i upload my item again ??

Can I Resubmit A Hard Rejected Item?

  • If your item has been Hard Rejected , you cannot re-submit the item.
  • Attempting to resubmit your rejected item(s) is considered an unacceptable use of Envato Market and may result in revoked upload rights .
  • You must create a brand new item and ensure it is entirely distinguishable from your rejected item.

More information here: How to Get Your Items Through Review at Envato – Envato Author Help Center

ok Thanks

That means there is no hope of I redesign, add new features and make the site entirely different from the hard rejected one?

If you redesign and add new features then your item can be consider as new item and you can submit again but in the comments for the reviewer tell about the changes and new features.

Okay thanks

Hi @WebPlusTheme

i have just looked at your item front-end and admin side. i found your front-end design is very beautiful and creative. admin is also good. But the problem is that your item is very less featured. Today there are many items that are more featured like Multi-language support, RTL support, multiple currency support, multi-user can access their side and admin can control their uploads, something like SAAS support and so on.

if you can add some of them into your product, like multiple users can create their portfolio from the same dashboard but their own login, multi-language, RTL and so on, then i believe that your product can be considered as premium product.