My php codeigniter 3 items are constantly being rejected.

Hello, for the last 3 times my items have been rejected.
I don’t understand if mobbing is being applied against me.
They refused at 1 hour even though I sent my last item late.
After all, they are very cleanly coded and interpreted systems.
It is accepted on all platforms, but codecanyon rejects it outright.
What do you think about this subject ?

You are an exclusive author so if this is available/approved on other marketplaces etc. then you will never be approved.

I did not know that.
but I didn’t send my last item anywhere else.

Where is it accepted?

It is most commonly accepted at (link removed)
Apart from that, I analyze my codes with many developers and artificial intelligence before submitting my items.

If it’s one of the items you are selling there (removed competitor link) then your exclusivity could well be an issue.

If it’s not one you are already selling there then it’s hard to offer feedback without seeing the item live.

FYI all the demo links to your items there don’t work. If that was the case on the demo you submitted to envato then it would again be an immediate rejection, but looking at screenshots - with respect, as an example the design quality for the chat item is nowhere near the standard for envato.

All demos are opening, I don’t see a problem.
No, I haven’t uploaded the last product I sent to envato anywhere.
From which country does Codecanyon check this?
Maybe the server responds there late so they can’t open it.

Also, thank you for your help.

All are rejecting from the UK

Where envato review from will depend on which reviewer it is, but if the hosting has the potential to be an issue with some locations then you will want to fix that - if the demo does not work in review then the item is not checked, aside from the potential for customers previewing it.

Yes, we had a problem with our physical server last night, probably the corrected version has not spread to other countries yet.
Should I try to send the product again in a few days?
I know what to do because they don’t write when they refuse or they don’t give a clear answer when we ask.
In addition, when you open it directly from the live preview section, there is no member login anyway.
In this case, should I redirect to a promotion page and then press the demo button and open the actual site?
I think most do it this way.

codecanyon often does not allow duplicate submissions!
Can you post your disapproved link?
Password : 521852

I sent this product at night. It was immediately rejected. It was probably rejected without looking.

I built a project on laravel and uploaded on codecanyon with following all requirements. Documentation preview image 590X300, screen shots, demo url but my script got rejected without any reason… I am a beginer and i have no idea

Demo Link

Admin link