My photo portfolio rejected. Help me figure out why please?

hey I had a question. my photo portfolio was rejected because " Unfortunately PhotoDune is unable to approve your portfolio at this time. We have rejected your submission due to quality issues"

seems kind of vague, personally I was hoping for a bit better feedback, in terms of technical and photographic quality it’s top-notch. Perhaps it’s lacking in the commercial viability. I guess by “creative concepts” they must mean more post editing, shoppy stuff.

I noticed on "what we don’t need’ they didn’t want flower pics, but I didn’t but any in there

Who can I actually get an answer from, or do I just need to keep trying different portfolios?

I notice there are some people that spam nothing but rock textures in the store… in terms of quality… I think I am outperforming a lot of current authors…

I tried to go for a diverse kind of approach, a bit of lifestyle, a bit of macro, a bit of industrial, a bit of abstract…

Can somebody help me a bit?

here is a LO RES copy of my portfolio selections. I submitted the full reso portfolio. (over 4000px long edge)


-Elijah Lucian

im no expert but i have got a Nikon D5200 with a sigma 18-250 lens ;o . i might try join photodune myself when i can get round to it. Your images all seem to just have a blurred background, which is pretty simple to do. i would vary it a bit and make the subject pictures little bit more interesting

yeah… the reason I shot shallow was because I was thinking in print design. Lots of space for text, etc. and not all used a shallow DOF.

Anyways, I am going to try something different for the next round.

hi, for me some really are too blurry (some until all is blurry by the way) but for some others i do not figure out what’s the problem …

yeah. the “alien tube and coffee and bokeh” were meant to be that way, should have put a coffee cup on the second one" as for the rest… I guess this is not a site for shallow DOF.

I am doing my next set with more in the focal plane…

Just kind of funny, because I’ve seen a ton of stuff with a shallow DOF on the site. maybe there is just too much of it, I guess I will have to sell that kind of stuff on my own site.

if u get rejected , thats’ better to find another place where u can sell them anyway, rather than burying the items or sending them to the trashcan … because in this case , your time and efforts are lost …

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I’m not an expert but my wife is photographer and she saw your pictures, The main issue with your pictures are, they are blurry and focus on the objects is not right and too grainy.

Here creativity isn’t the issue, just technically not right.

Yeah. You’re probably right it was an artistic choice. I should have probably use some focus stacking for these shallow dof shots. Especially for use as stock.

Thanks for the feedback.

And yeah n2n44 I have plans to figure out what the markets are for what styles of photography. Also my wife and I have a few fans that we can sell prints to as well.

I don’t intend to leave much un-published