My payment gateway has been rejected

Hello to everyone. I have submitted my items 5 times but every time I get rejection. This was hard rejection and I don’t know a reason why ? Does anybody know how to sole this issue ?


Can you talk about item?
Post demo link so we can help

Hello. I don’t have demo link because this is payment gateway and for demo presentation need to be Evanto/Ebay account and WesternBid Sercret key

The lack of demo link can cause hard rejection.
Did you comment this in publication before item submitting it for review?

No, I didn’t. But demo link is not required in submission form.

Unfortunately, without a demo link or picture it’s hard to help you with your problem.

Thank you and have a nice day!

So it’s a reskin of a submission form?

Unless the reviewer could see mock ups/the item in action there is no way they will approve it

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