My own film is coming!

As I already tell here before - the dream of my life is write music for films. Recently i write a tango for Jason Mullis and he use it in his film “Her Tango”(2017) but not point me as author of my own theme which, besides, plays in the beginning of film!
But not about that i talk here.
We shooting our film. The material is already ready and right now i make a montage.
If you are interested I can tell you more about our project.
I have a trailer with english subs.
And the last question: watch trailer and tell me - you are in intrigue? You are interested?
I just think about that should i make an english subs?


Great work! I love it! I wish you great success! My biggest dream is write music for film too. I’m glad you did it! I wish you the best! Congrats :slight_smile:

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Thanks man. Right now I am making english subtitles in youtube. After that i let you know when you can watch full version.


By the way!
I made a english subs for final trailer:

I always prefer to see movies in their original language (I HATE dubbed movies… i.e. “El Laberinto Del Fauno” wouldn’t create the same effect if it were dubbed - Thank god it didn’t happen)

Anyway, given the fact that English is de facto lingua franca, English SUBTITLES are the way to go to appeal to a wider audience.

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I understand it))
But my english language diction is bad.
My friends who participate in film - their english even worst then mine)))
We not have a largest budget. Concretely we dont have it not at all.

If we have money on dubbing actors - hypotetically of course we will make a full dubbing. This subtitles is handmade. This is not automatical youtube dictonary.

I try as hard as I can translate it on your language. In many moments in full film i just retell dialogues in other mind that european folks cant understand about what we talk in the movie.

If you are interested - I can tell you about what our movie.

My humble opinion: DUBBED MOVIES sound extremely unnatural which in my case is a huge negative. Any language is great, so use your own and embrace it, it adds a lot to a movie and its originality (imagine watching a Korean movie in English. No thanks :slight_smile: ) There is nothing wrong with having a movie in a language other than English, to the contrary it must be encouraged. Just go with subtitles in English.

Note: English is not my mother tongue, I’m still learning (and still have a lot to learn). My mother tongue is Armenian.

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Anyway when i finish the work with subs I give you a link.

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@Bedros @Fox_Production


I don’t know your budget (you know, these things are subjective) but anyway my suggestion would be getting help from a professional translator.

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Thanks a lot but for me the main purpose is explain the viewer about what we talk.
Im already made it.