My Nuclearcow stickers got rejected !

Good morning dear friends , i am new on graphicriver and i already started with my left foot ( i was rejected ) .
From how much i know this is a hard rejection , no info no nothing !
And i find myself here with all of my hope in you guys to enlight me , it will be appreciated !
This is my artwork : Nuclearcow ,an autistic cow ,she was mainly created as a character for a mobile game … but i gave up on that option and i kept her face for stickers to stick them on your notebook,phone, around your town or in schools… this kind of stuff .
In the Ai file i have a layer for every single face, they are all expanded you can select the color shape to change the colors if needed … umm and yes ! If you expand a specific layer you will not get any sublayers grouped by me , only that standard layers with the shape … If any info is needed please ask me i will answer with all of my heart to them !

It’s not necessarily bad, I just can’t see the commercial value of them. I can’t see many people buying them, then sending the designs to a printers to have a short run of stickers made, to put then on their equipment. It would be easier just to buy some stickers online or in a shop.

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Uaaa , thank you for the answer. Now that i put myself from that point of view you’re right :frowning: . But still is an vector art ,and can be printed on a lot of things it depends. I personally printed on my T-shirt and i wear it like i’m a superstar ! :))) In my opinion is not fair-play …

But what if i try to put only one face , and to do a t-shirt mockup and submit the design again ?

In your case, as SpaceStockFootage said, the item may not have a commercial value to other people. While this is an awesome item, I don’t really know how many people will actually buy this.

From my little experience on Graphic River, when you want to build something, try to look for two things:

  1. Make sure that item will be desired by some people. Try to put yourself in the place of a buyer and think if you would buy your item. And what can you use it for? Asking yourself those question may save you some time you would invest in building something awesome but undesired by customers.

  2. Make sure your item is not something everyone can do and something everyone already did 1000 times. I’ve been in that position a few times - I created a decent item that had some commercial value but I got rejected. After doing some research I discovered a lot of people created pretty much the same thing in the past, and I was just doing exactly what they were doing.

I usually upload any package I create based on those two aspects - I make sure it has some commercial value, and I make sure it hasn’t been done already too many times.

In your case, it may not have commercial value. Keep the item, and maybe upload it on other websites, like DeviantArt, Behance or even try to sell it on Creative Market if you want, and try to build something new for Graphic River.

Don’t get scared when you get rejected, sometimes it just happens. I have over 145 items on Graphic River and I have been rejected more than 50 times already. It just takes a little bit of time until you understand what items will be approved and what items will be rejected.

Good luck!

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