My new wordpress theme was hard rejected

My new wordpress theme Dental Doctor Dogg was hard rejected.
I have got the e-mail about it, but It has no information about why my item was rejected.

Does anybody know how can I get the information about the reasons of ‘hard rejected’

Most probably the design isn’t ready for TF (not premium enough).

P.S: If you want feedback for your existing item please post a url to your demo. :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

I hope you can give me an advice on how improve my theme to pass review on ThemeForest

Here is demo URL:

Your demo is not loading.

It’s only a blank page.

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I m not sure what is the reason of the issue, It works for me

No screenshots, you need url demo here because other link not working open link.


I understand it. I only say that I can open the link with my demo-site and it shows my site entirely.
I can’t recognize what is the reason of Blank Page when you open my link.


Hello guys,

I have found the issue and fix it.

Can you please have a look at my theme now?

What can be the reason of Hard Rejected on Theme Forest?

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone pls take a look once more?