My new wave of rejects...

My latest track as well as several past tracks got rejected

Need to know why, because i start thinking that someone from reviewers doesn’t like me)
One month i get rejects and then other don’t… and it’s alternates like this.

Never take a rejection personal :wink: There is nothing wrong with composition and arrangement, but the mix. It sounds too muddy. The mid and lower frequencies are sounding undefined, the high frequencies not crisp enough. Also the snare sounds blurred and can’t push through the mix.


If i gain one dollar for each rejection, i’d be millionaire. Don´t think it´s personal.
Try to learn and adapt to audiojungle way.

If you’ve uploaded over a million tracks since you’ve been here… then everyone knows who to complain to if the queue gets really long! Manrique has been uploading again!

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Did you remember the 33 days on queued? :joy::joy:

You must have been busy that week!

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I woke up this morning at 6.00, and tried to record something new, something new to reject… :rofl:

Here is a demo;