My new version of theme was hard rejected

Hi everyone!
3 years ago my team developed an HTML “Berserk” and WordPress theme:
We used Visual Composer and as a result, our theme was hard to edit for final customers and it had bad sales and reviews.
I invested all my 100k$ on this project and earned only about 15k$. Because I lost all my investments I stopped the development and went working at I.T. company.
8 months ago I decided to bring another life to this theme and found a developer who developed this theme but with the help of Elementor.
We just finished the development and now the theme is based on the Elementor:
I’ve removed the original theme because the new theme has a completely different backend and I don’t want it to be linked to old negative reviews.
Finally, I uploaded a new theme but got a hard reject.
What can be a reason for it and how I can upload our theme?

Envato will know there was a version of the item previously and removing an item and resubmitting it is not allowed which almost certainly will create issues for you.

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Yes, I think that is a problem. But how to get another chance in cases like this? I can’t imagine how to bring sales to the old reviewed theme even with a new backend that doesn’t have old problems.

I would suggest using what you have and updating the design, maybe add some new pages and features to make it possible to submit as a new item

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You’re bringing the same design to the marketplace as new. This is the first mistake. 3 years is pretty old and lots of things have changed since then

Secondly, as stated, you cannot just delete the current item and re-upload it as new. It’s not fair for the buyers who paid for the item even though the backend has different coding ( Elementor / VC )

Thirdly, I hope you didn’t invest 100k for this item only as it’s too much.


$100k?? This is insane amount for this work. I mean what were we doing when you were finding developer :frowning:

There are 220+ pages and tons of unique elements, and we developed everything from scratch in PSD, HTML, and then WP. The whole process take about 2 years, but of course if you have big experience this could be done quicker and cheaper.

About the pages, I have checked the theme and it shouldn’t be taking 2 years to finish.

I hope you didn’t hire people/company in Ukraine ( according to your team portfolio ) as I have lived in Kyiv years and I have met lots of developers who would do the same work way too cheaper, faster…

Anyway, if you contact Envato support and let them know that you’d like to enable the theme again with the new version, they may activate it and you can keep selling the theme by updating the theme.