My new track “Idol” - It only took me 2 years!


Hi folks, I just thought I’d share this… and a brief story about how it came to be.

My piece was untitled when I originally composed it back in 2014/2015 on my iPad and was based on the melody of one of my favourite old tunes “Danny Boy”. I decided I’d use it to test out the then Kickstarter Campaign “$99 Orchestra”. So I submitted my MIDI demo and on June 24th the first initial parts where recorded by the West European Symphony Orchestra in Lisbon, Portugal.

As a mark of respect to James Horner who died 2 days before, the entire sessions were dedicated to him by the conductor which were viewable via livestream. This got me thinking… since my composition was still untitled and still being referred to as “30 Piece” I decided I’d call it “Idol” as a dedication to him as he was one of my idols.

Over the next 2 years I worked on the track on and off and had most of the orchestra parts re-recorded in isolation so they could be mixed better. I also had a great Penny Whistle player called Sam Levine record some parts for me and I used a small section of the track to enter a competition on Indaba Music (I won along with a few others).

I ended up not touching the track for almost a year as a few other things came up which I wasn’t expecting, but I finally got around to mixing and finishing it over the past few months. Since it took me so long and cost me a fair amount, I thought I’d add one last special touch to it and hired Patricia Sullivan from Bernie Grundman Mastering to master it for me (as she did almost all of James Horner’s mastering for him).

Anyway, here’s the finished track. It’s made up of the real recorded parts and also various sound libraries from Alchemy, VSL and EW.

The Video and Cover Art for the track was designed by myself and uses some envato author material which I licensed, so I’m posting this in the Author Hangout and thought I’d share the item links here. Turned out pretty well I think!?

Text effect is from HyperPix’s item;
Cinematic 3D Title Text Effects Vol 8

Waves video is a short snipped edited and looped from SPC01’s item;
Sharp Rocky Cliff 2

The main wave image is from another stock website and the rest including the Nebula was created in Photoshop.



p.s. I’m now on Spotify if anyone want’s to follow my stuff. Thanks :wink:


Excellent work - I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks! :+1:


A very nice song. It tells a story by itself. Best wishes!


Thanks Marian!