My New Project!!(Low Price, Low Sales?)

Hey ! I upload new titles project and i think original work. But i got only 1 sale.I change price (10$)but nobody buy after this. () What do you think about my project? What should i do? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Grandphic

I’ve had to edit this post as providing links to self promote this is against the forum rules. Please ensure this doesn’t happen again in the future.

This is Envato Forum Rules


Can i add youtube link of my project ?

that’s possible you can use that :slight_smile:
you can ask feedback about your item

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I need your feedbacks. Please share your feedbacks dear authors. :slight_smile:

The project is not bad. But there are thousands similar project on the marketplace. But I guess the main reason is Christmas and New Year. No one buy these days

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