My new logo is rejected, please help to improve it

This my latest logo

Hi there:

I think that you already submit first template of this logo hard rejected but you not need re-submit again if rejected but you can create different logo and submit graphicriver and approved sell :slight_smile: good luck, regards.

Hi Jeri,
Are you suggesting that I should change the name of the logo when I resubmit ?!


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If you same logo as this will re-submit I am sure that hard rejected, better you create new logo and submit for approved graphicriver. :slight_smile:

I thought I can resubmit the same logo after fixing any issues!!

You ate saying that I should submit an entirely new logo template for a different concept!!

If your logo is hard rejected , you are not allowed to re-submit it again.
You will need to submit another one.
Keep improving your works till they accept your works .
Make sure you care about :
Item name.
Item preview and description.
And tags .

Fir the description; does it have to be in HTML format and do I have to use simething like (envatitor) to prepare my description content?!

What about chisen fonts for my logo, isn’t it an issue too?! And maybe color coherence, balance, usability, purpose.


I don’t understand what the large eye patch type of shape on the right is? It looks odd. I don’t get the concept, what’s a peacock bride?

I guess it is not clearly understood by other cultures. In our culture it means a beatiful bride. The black patch was meant to be hair covering the face. Nevertheless, I still need to work on my logo design skills.
Back to the drawing board.

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