My new item....Need Feedback!!!

Hi all

Here is my new item.

I wanted to make something clean and glossy looking I fell that in this case less is more.

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

MAIN_1920x1080_GOLD_00242 MAIN_1920x1080_GOLD_00480

Hi there, your reveal looks really nice and elegant. But are you aware of similar works on market? Having this on mind I think your work is not so unique and could possibly mean rejection. Cross my fingers for approval and wish you good sales!

Yeah today I was looking on the market and find few similar ones…I guess I should have done that earlier :slight_smile:
Thank you for your compliments, and we will see if it would be accepted.

One thing tho that I noticed that all of the similar logo reveals on the market are not that crisp looking maybe that will be the reason for not rejecting, maybe we will see.

Just wanted to make something clean and simple cuz I considered that there was a lack of those

You might get approved for this work, it looks nice and clean, but trust me, the market nowadays need unique items to get good sales otherwise, you might get low sales.

Good luck with your new item :+1:

Totally agree with you, and if you look at my portfolio you will see that I m always trying to be unique and have my own style.

With this one I m keeping my style somewhat but still figured out that its not so unique when I look at the similar ones.

The only thing That I did notice is what you said nice and clean on purpose, no heavy textures, no optical flares just simple materials and playing around with settings that kinda of logo reveals are not so common I think :slight_smile:

On the other hand I have few one of a kind unique items that are having ok sales but not as nearly good as the ones that are not one of a kind.

So you never know with the market these days I m working on another unique item but its a big project so I need at least 10 days more to finish.

Here are a few screenshots, keep in mind this is heavily work in progress not nearly as finished.
MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-00-00) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-04-02) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-08-12) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-16-15) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-21-08) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-23-23) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-34-08sa) MAIN_1920x1080%20(0-00-34-08)as


And thank you forgot to say :slight_smile:

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Rejected guys the reason is only that there are to many like those I would call this fair rejection :slight_smile:
Well more is more so only unique is on the table :slight_smile: