My new flyer is rejected, please help to improve it!

Your logo looks a lot like a flyer. :slight_smile:

Hi! what do you mean exactly?

which logo?

You wrote «My new LOGO is rejected, please help to improve it!»
I also do not understand which logo. It looks more like a flyer

Sorry! i mean my flyer(

Yes, pretty good, but l think that the key reason is the tension on the edges, or you have some leaves behind the line and some on top, and on the right you have one leaf behind the line and the one above it behind the bottom leaf, and the bottom one over the top one.

The edges are a tension nightmare, and it is best to keep it all on top, at least til you gain more experience.

But add some lighting affects, and get that right it may have gotten through?

Good luck.


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Cool story. :thumbsup:

Not entirely true that flyers aren’t selling, established authors who are prolific uploaders of consistently high quality work still get sales no problem. But it seems small, less prolific authors are completely unnoticed now in the vast constant flow of new items.

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I think you have done good job, nothing wrong in it but if you say that it has been rejected then in my opinion the reason would be that;

  1. Its ‘Sale’ which is big , not the ‘Autumn’
  2. Try word ‘Mega’ instead of 'Big’
    These changes might work.

Flyers ain’t selling here no more, lol. Flyers sales have slowed recently not stopped, and both of my Halloween flyers have sold, so that niche will probably be big this year.

Flyer sales have been in line with previous years sales, adjusting for adding new ones, regularly. It is sales, or the lack of them on other sites that are a concern.

As for basic work, l have seen relatively basic designs get accepted, not sure about sales afterwards, but my first flyer here, did well.

I have helped several here, get their first flyer in, and telling them that a design is crap and binning it, is a bit dumb, since it could have got through with a few more tweaks.

I am not a reviewer, lol, no l am not, Neither are you obviously with your “this is crap try again attitude”.

Have a nice day!


It’s big every year. :wink: Did you see this thread? Best Halloween Party Invitation Flyers & Posters

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Yep, @ToivoMedia, I have always missed Halloween, but not this year, lol; and it has been a rough ride trying to figure out what flyer designs l should be concentrating on, but hopefully l have a handle on it, and it is full steam ahead.


why was my comment hidden by envato? was it the mason remark or the one about flyer quality. probably the former and that explains even more so that the masons are here.