My new fitness collection

Hello guys look please at my new fitness crossfit motivational video
Link on my portfolio:

If I shaved, I’d look exactly like that.


Great work!

P.S. put the link to your VH profile on your forum profile, so people can find it easier. I wanted to follow you, but I couldn’t find it…

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Its true its true :slight_smile:

I am not sure that all these works will accept based on new policy of acceptance.
On other stocks all this footages is accepted

It should be, but based on the recent experience with the reviewers I wouldn’t be surprised if they reject it. You’ll see in two to three months :joy:

Some of my footage they rejected here I sold to other marketplace for 50$ a clip :confused:

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I hope Envato policies will change in 2017. I hope… and All of us hope :sob: