My musical version of a trailer for the magnificent game Anno 2205 (Ubisoft)


This trailer has strongly inspired me, on creation of my composition - "Trailer Intro"
Welcome to the atmosphere of scientific achievements Anno 2205 and my music.
Pleasant viewing and listening.


I’m not familiar with the game but, great job on the music. I think the music fits very well.


Thanks @tobybrez !!! It is very important for me.


Cool! Congrats man! There are not enough sound effects for this video


Thank you @Progressence!!! Sound effects here from original video. Sound Design - Jimmy Boyle, Mark Taylor


Fascinating, impressive!


Awesome music!


Thanks guys!


Wow! Max! it’s Awesome!!! Your music along with this video look perfect! Nice job


Thanks @AlexanderUA !!!


This is great, mate! Love the way it fits the trailer!


Congrats man, nice sound!


Thanks!!! @ChoclateFix and @AMZA Big thanks guys!!!