My Music was Rejected

Hello Authors,

I am still new to Audiojungle and would like to know why my music was rejected. Any thoughts would be much appreciated

Thank you


Yes it is sample library, but I guess majority of music on audiojungle is samples, right?

A good mix of real and samples, but I would imagine most bagpipe sounds are certainly samples. Anyway, I do know AJ will hard reject if they can tell it’s samples. Unfortunately, these very much sound like samples to me. Not that that’s bad in any way, it’s just that AJ has made it clear it will reject.

Just my $0.02. Its a nice sounding track, no doubt.

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Well thank you, that would give me some relief…

Personally I liked it, but if you were to resubmit it then you’d probably have to do a little work on the pipes. To my ears they sound a little dry, and could be fattened just a little bit.

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Is it ok to resubmit hard rejected music after doing some changes? I am confused because AJ email says “you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”


Same question here, to be honest…

It’s my understanding that one can re-submit a hard-rejected item IF it’s been changed significantly.

To my ears, the main issues are in the mix, not necessarily the samples. Overall, I’d say the basic raw material is there for an acceptable track. That said - The bagpipes are way too loud and too dry. Also, in terms of development and trying to build excitement, going from the aggressive bagpipes to the more delicate bowed string lead brings down the energy rather than increases it. Melodically, there is also room for more development, as well as in the percussion department. The elements are there, but they need refining.

Good luck!

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