My music was on review, now there is nothing like deleted??

Hi guys, i am greetings all of you with respect. I am new here. I have a problem, i hope someone can help me about this.

10 days ago i uploaded my first project here.
I was waiting for review after 9 days i saw “held for further review”

And now there is nothing. I didnt delete my project. I checked site, and i saw nothing… there is no mail, no reject, no approved. I just see nothing?! Why? Can someone help me about that?

did you write to the support service?

How ? can you help me about that?

There are three options;
If the track was approved, it appears in your portfolio.
If the track was soft rejected, it appears in your “hidden items” tab.
If the track was hard rejected, the track wont appears in the above options.

So i got hard reject? Cool. :roll_eyes:

@Kursatti . ’ Held for further review’ means that the reviewer considered your track uncommon/borderline for the Envato market and escaladed your track to senior reviewers in order to be approved or rejected. It usually takes a few extra days.

i know this but after one day it totally disappeared. and i didn’t take any message. it just disappeared