My music in a stunning short 3D movie


have a look at this awesome 3D animation video:

“SFF10 Troopers”

it is a promotional work made by a talented guy who works in 3D animation. He made a lot of visuals for commercials, important brands and even blockbuster movies.

I composed the track specifically for this video under his guidelines and needs and he let me distribute the song on audiojungle to license it. You can find it following the link in the video.


Hey, really nice work, and the 3de Is top notch. The music really plays well with the action, it sets a nice futuristic tone, if anything, the FX could use a bit of reverb and could be pushed backwards a bit. Good job!


Amazing really interesting and very good music and 3d.:thumbsup: Good luck :thumbsup:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Really cool bosone! Your music is perfect support to the video. Nice work :trophy:


Wow, I love this. The animation is killer, and your track works like a dream to this. Really fantastic job all around on this project.


Congrats! it will look awesome in your portfolio!!


thanks! :slight_smile:
i have to find the find the way to embed the youtube video in my page, so that the video can be played directly… :-/